A Tour Guide plays an important part during your holiday or business trip in South Africa.

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In all of the 9 provinces of South Africa you will find highly trained, officially registered and specialized Tour Guides.

Hiring the service of a Tour Guide makes sense for a number of reasons:
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For your trip it is important to find a Guide who matches your requirements. This portal will provide you with the relevant background information about tour guiding in South Africa.
At the famous Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town, a worldwide unique centre, for the observation and documentation of climate changes, the "Polaris Climate Change Observatory", is presently being built. It will open its doors to visitors in 2014.
When you visit South Africa for the first time, a Tour Guide is able to help you find your way around. Travelling with a Tour Guide at your side gives you a feeling of security in a foreign country.
A Tourist Guide will give you tips regarding which sites or areas a worth a special visit. He or she will be able to offer you tours that match your needs and interests.
He/she will show you the best or shortest route to a destination. This helps you save valuable time during your visit to South Africa or whilst in South Africa.
If you have a special interest, e.g. regarding nature, or the history or culture of South Africa, you will get access to the relevant information much easier and faster with the help of a Tour Guide.
Whether you are travelling on your own, in a group or attending a conference - a Tour Guide will be able to assist you in communicating with the local population of South Africa.

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